Cordless table lamp

Everything You Need to Know About Table Lamps – Special Offers, Portable Options

Cordless table lamp

Which Table Lamp is Best ?

When choosing the best table lamp, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Lighting Needs – Do you need a bright task lamp for reading or sewing? Or a softer ambient light for relaxing in the evenings? Determine how much light you need and look for lumens ratings.
  • Style – Table lamps come in a huge variety of styles, from modern and minimalist to traditional and ornate. Choose something that fits your existing decor.
  • Material – Common materials include metal, glass, ceramic, wood, and fabric. Each has different aesthetic qualities.
  • Height – Standard table lamp heights range from 18″ to 36″. Make sure the lamp is proportional to the table it’s on.
  • Shade – The shade affects how the light is distributed. Opaque shades direct light downwards while sheer shades create a diffused glow.
  • Bulb – LED bulbs last the longest. Choose warm white (2700-3000K) for cozy lighting or daylight (5000-6500K) for tasks.
  • Features – Look for adjustable heights, dimmers, and built-in outlets for extra convenience.

The best table lamp ultimately depends on your needs and personal taste. Visit lighting stores to see options in person. And don’t forget to measure the table you want to put it on!

Which One is Better a Floor Lamp or a Table Lamp ?  Cordless table lamp

Both floor lamps and table lamps have their pros and cons:

Floor Lamps:

  • Take up less table/counter space
  • Can provide overall ambient lighting
  • Come in very tall styles to light a whole room
  • More prone to being knocked over by pets or kids

Table Lamps:

  • Take up table/counter space
  • Provide more directed task lighting
  • Usually don’t get as tall so less suitable for whole-room lighting
  • Weighted bases make them sturdy

In summary, floor lamps are better for adding overall lighting to a room, while table lamps are better for providing focused task lighting. Many homes use a combination of both for different needs.

Why Do Americans and British Have Lots of Table Lamps in Their Houses ?

There are a few reasons why table lamps are so popular in American and British homes:

  • Historically, homes in these countries did not always have as many overhead ceiling lights compared to other parts of the world. Table and floor lamps helped provide additional lighting.
  • The popularity of reading as a pastime drove demand for convenient task lighting next to armchairs and sofas via table lamps.
  • Having multiple table lamps around a room allows for more flexible and customizable lighting options compared to relying solely on overhead fixtures.
  • Table lamps are an easy way to add visual interest, color, and style to a room’s decor.
  • Portable table lamps allow people to move supplemental lighting around as needed.
  • Traditional interior design styles favored in the US and UK like farmhouse, cottage, and transitional lend themselves well to layered lighting with table lamps.

So in short, the longstanding popularity of table lamps stems from their versatility and visual appeal as well as historical differences in home lighting methods.

Can Using My Laptop in the Dark With a Table Lamp Damage My Eyes ?

Yes, using a laptop in the dark with only a table lamp for light could potentially damage your eyes over time. Here’s why:

  • Straining to see – Your eyes have to work harder to focus when there is insufficient ambient light. This extra effort can lead to eye fatigue and headaches.
  • Unbalanced light – A table lamp usually only lights up one side of your face, creating a high contrast between the bright screen and dark surroundings. This imbalance strains your eyes.
  • Harsh light – Table lamps often cast a harsh, concentrated beam of light. This can create glare on your screen and reflections in your eyes, further straining them.
  • Blue light – The blue light emitted by screens may disrupt sleep cycles and cause eye damage when viewed in a dark room, as your pupils are more dilated.

To avoid eye strain and potential damage, use your laptop in a well-lit room with ambient lighting. Position a table lamp to evenly illuminate your work area without glare. Consider a lamp with an adjustable arm for directional lighting. And take regular breaks to give your eyes a rest.

Types of Table Lamps  Cordless table lamp

Small Table Lamp

Small table lamps maximize functionality in compact spaces. Here are some popular types of small table lamps:

  • Bedside lamps – Typically 18-27″ tall with small bases to fit on crowded nightstands. Provide directed task lighting for reading in bed.
  • Desk lamps – Usually 12-18″ tall with long, flexible necks and small bases ideal for desks. Help illuminate paperwork.
  • Accent lamps – Petite lamps around 10-15″ tall used to add a pop of light, color, and style. Work well on console tables.
  • Battery-powered lamps – Rechargeable table lamps that don’t require an outlet, perfect for portable lighting needs.
  • Cordless lamps – Small table lamps with built-in batteries to light up spaces without nearby outlets.

Look for small table lamps with adjustable heads to direct light where needed. Compact LED bulbs help maximize brightness in a small frame. Small lamps add focused lighting without taking up valuable surface space.

Table Lamps for Living Room

Here are some great options for table lamps in the living room:

  • Floor lamps – Freestanding lamps with long necks provide ample overhead lighting.
  • Buffet lamps – Elegant options for sideboards and console tables, often with glass shades.
  • Accent lamps – Add pops of color and style on end tables and side tables.
  • Torchiere lamps – Tall lamps up to 5 feet that reflect light off the ceiling for diffuse lighting.
  • Pharmacy lamps – Vintage-inspired lamps with a central pole and circular shade, perfect beside armchairs.
  • Arc lamps – Sleek modern lamps with an arched arm over the base.

Consider layering ambient lighting from floor and torchiere lamps with task lighting from accent lamps for reading nooks. Opt for 3-way bulbs to adjust brightness levels. Place living room table lamps near seating areas to create a warm, welcoming glow.

Table Lamps Amazon

With its massive selection, Amazon is a great place to shop for table lamps. Here are some of the key benefits of buying table lamps on Amazon:

  • Convenience – Easy 24/7 online shopping from the comfort of home. Items get delivered directly to your door.
  • Selection – Choose from thousands of table lamp styles, sizes, materials, colors, and lighting features.
  • Reviews – Read detailed customer reviews and see product ratings to evaluate quality.
  • Prices – Often very affordable pricing, especially for AmazonBasics and other store brands.
  • Sales – Frequent discounts and deals, especially around holidays.
  • Return policy – Simple, free returns for 30 days on most items.

Pay attention to lumens, bulb type, materials, and dimensions when browsing for table lamps on Amazon. Sort by customer rating, price, and Prime eligibility. Focus on lamps with at least a 4 star rating. Use reviews to learn about quality and durability.

Table Lamps for Bedroom  Cordless table lamp

Here are some top options for table lamps in the bedroom:

  • Bedside lamps – Provide convenient lighting for nighttime reading. Look for adjustable swing arms.
  • Buffet lamps – Add elegant ambiance on a dresser or sideboard.
  • Accent lamps – Add visual interest and secondary lighting on nightstands.
  • Smart lamps – Connect to home automation systems or have built-in dimmers and timers.
  • USB charging lamps – Charge devices right from the base of the lamp.
  • Kids’ lamps – Fun shapes like animals or cars create a playful mood.

Opt for warm white light around 2700-3000K to promote sleep. Dimmer switches allow you to adjust the light levels. Place table lamps on both sides of the bed for reading convenience. For kids’ rooms, make sure lamps are stable and cords are safely out of reach.

Special Offers, Portable Options and More  Cordless table lamp

Column Table Lamp

Column table lamps feature long, vertical bases for a dramatic look. Here’s an overview of their key features:

  • Tall and narrow, ranging from around 2-5 feet high.
  • Made of materials like metal, wood, marble, glass, natural stone, etc.
  • Provide ambient, diffused lighting – great between furniture pieces.
  • Come in simple cylindrical styles as well as fluted, ribbed, or twisted designs.
  • Often have dimmer switches on the socket or pull chains.
  • Sturdy bases prevent tipping.
  • Available in various lamp shades like drum, empire, bell and oval shapes.

Column lamps work well in corners and empty spaces that need illumination. Their height makes them visible even behind furniture. Place them strategically to add sleek vertical interest to a room’s layout.


Portable table lamps provide convenient lighting you can move anywhere. Some popular options include: Cordless table lamp

  • Battery-powered lamps – Rechargeable and cordless for true portability.
  • Travel lamps – Foldable designs perfect for use in hotels and dorms.
  • Desk lamps – Typically small in size with long cords to easily move around.
  • Accent lamps – Cute little lamps that are lightweight and easy to pick up.
  • Torchiere lamps – Tall floor lamps on casters for easy rolling between rooms.
  • USB-rechargeable lamps
  • USB-rechargeable lamps – No cords needed; charge via USB and provide light anywhere.
  • Book lights – Mini clip-on lights perfect for reading in bed or on the go.
  • Camping lanterns – Battery or solar-powered for outdoor adventures.

Look for table lamps with weighted bases for stability even when transported. Compact LED bulbs help maximize portability. Place portable table lamps wherever you need a boost of extra illumination.

Special Offers

Here are some places to find great deals on table lamps:

  • Big box stores – Watch for sales at stores like Target and Walmart, especially around holidays.
  • Home goods stores – At Home, HomeGoods, and TJ Maxx offer discounted name brand lamps.
  • Amazon – Daily deals and lightning sales can yield major savings on lamps.
  • Wayfair – Sort by On Sale to get discounts up to 60% off.
  • AllModern – This modern furniture site has frequent sales on stylish lamps.
  • Overstock – Check the lighting section for closeout and clearance lamp deals.
  • IKEA – Affordable prices plus seasonal sales on their wide lamp selection.

Sign up for store emails and watch for coupon codes to stack extra savings on top of lamp sales and deals. Measure the intended table space first so you can shop clearance lamps more confidently. With some smart shopping, you can find stylish table lamps at very wallet-friendly prices!


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